• Txemy perfoms his last work “Arlequín” at MICAM

Txemy perfoms his last work “Arlequín” at MICAM

miércoles, febrero 15, 2017

Txemy, one of the artists of the Urban Art, discipline from Art People Project, has created a special work for the stand of The Art company at MICAM fair (Milan).

The stand of The Art company has exhibited the next autumn-winter 2017 collection.

The urban art, which is normally created at public spaces, has been moved to a meeting place where the new artistic languages make it a space of experimentation.

Since the beginning, this project has been planned to be a dynamic and sensorial space, where color is the main element together with geometric shapes that become it into an artistic installation with a transgressor style.

Txemy stand

The title of the work “Arlequín” relates to the most popular character of the comedy of the XVI century Italian art.

This character known for his grotesque and burlesque style is characterized by always wearing a black mask with elongated nose and clothing with rhomboid print.

The elements that describe this character in our minds are represented by each piece of this installation. Black covers all the surface and the structure formed by three elements with pyramid shape reminds that ‘Gemini nose’ which marks the center of the composition.

It is over this angular shapes that colors become more important and start flowing evenly with a theatrical style over the surface until conclude in the front wall and merge together in geometric shapes.




Artistic coordination.