Long afternoon with Friends. Sunsets enjoying the good weather with laughs and more laughs. Start this summer full of moments of joy and laughter. The new collection of Art will convey these emotions thanks to fashionable, trendy and genuine shoes.

Barcelona is the source of inspiration of this collection.

New lines that take you back to memorable spots of the city: Pedrera and Rambla are two lines of shoes with fresh, colorful and sporty style. Borne and Güell with wooden wedges and different colors with technical fabric, prints and metallic leather.

New fantasies will make us feel good vibes this summer, created by the urban artists Txemy and Amaia Arrazola. Printed leathers with bright colors, drawings inspired by Japan and geometric designs. Shoes with casual, carefree and unique style. A distinctive style that will bring a powerful image to the collection.

Be amazed by your new Art where you will find sporty details and casual aesthetic. The sporty trend is a strong part of the collection.

I Create, a new fun line, unique and special: sandal create by yourself, where you set your own limits.


Txemy, is synonymous with color.

Life emerges from the walls through color, his muse? a living chromatic palette and in continuous change.

His lines that seem to have no meaning are dynamically joining to finally make sense both in urban space and in the multiple surfaces in which it intervenes.

It is the public space one of his large canvases and that is where we see his work in action, life, thanks to color.

Experimentation in the study, observation and work of great artists such as Basquiat, Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock are relevant to know their training and development.

Multidisciplinary and always in continuous evolutionary process with Txemy, art is innovation.

Amaia Arrazola

Illustrator who now lives in Barcelona.

He began his career in the world of advertising creativity, he spent several years at Mccann Erickson Madrid but he got tired and decided to start from scratch. He changed city and left Madrid to live in Barcelona.

He loves drawing, graphic design, typography, screen printing, ceramics, sewing and embroidery, stories, old things, strange things, UFOs, unicorns, the yeti, the Loch Ness monster, the pink, the blue, the violet, the constellations, the right side of the bed, the pizza, the hamburgers, the smoothies and the koalas.

She has an imaginary dog.


Festival Cruïlla Barcelona

The Art Company is the official sponsor of the Cruïlla Festival in Barcelona with an exclusive space inside the venue that will fill all attendees with color and urban art.

40 concerts in 3 days, 5 stages located very close to the sea, restaurants with culinary options from around the world, DJs, chill out areas to rest, an author's market with local products, play activities for the whole family ...